Gets a Poem

by September 23, 2022 0 comments

Some things don’t get a poem
Don’t even deserve a poem
Getting all dressed up in words
And devices, personified, metaphor’d
Even simile’d
Some things just don’t deserve being
Wrapped up in words, in sounds
Like today at the supermarket, I began
Thinking “Supermarket in California”
But got the Vermont version
Ragged people, couples pushing half
Empty carts, rarely speaking, rarely even
Looking beyond their cart and perhaps
Tonight’s dinner
And it doesn’t deserve a poem, or get one
A man in the parking lot flipped someone
His middle-finger
Never clear who was on the receiving end
Perhaps all of us
Didn’t flip the bird, a bird could take flight
And rise up out of the scene
Could become a symbol of hopes and dreams
Could land on that light-post and be all of us
There, a fitting image
The mythic bird in all of us
Or it could just turd down on us
like a real bird might
But as I said, some things don’t get a poem
Don’t even deserve one.

editors note:

When some things don’t, poets still do. – mh clay

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