Train of Thought

by August 4, 2022 0 comments

Late at night
When my mind dims to a candling flicker
I find myself comforted by
Shadows denoting a presence
Through the transubstantiation of darkness,
The sound of car engines churning over,
Their headlights shining through the window,
Illuminating branches wavering against walls
The sound of trains pacifying silence so close in the distance
Brings home the warm glow of petrol stations on lonely journeys
The luminosity of light-emitting diodes
Entrancing stratospheric reflections
Embracing hypnogenic catatonic paralysis
With introspective rainwater
Racing down culverts
Into depths of consciousness
The vast ocean of thought evaporating
Into multitudinous clocks
Elapsing at different intervals
Retaining time.

editors note:

A night train clock goes tickety-tock. – mh clay

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