Town Kids

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Grain silos cast long shadows
across the quietening town,
the tall beacons previously its busy essence
are currently hushed
providing only play platforms
for the remaining kids
desperate to fill sweltering days.

A dam in the brittlely brown paddock
had provided a summer gathering place
and hours of carefree youthful expression
but is only visited rarely
for happy reminiscences of more thriving times.
Kicking the thirsty dirt
they curse the continuing dry.

Shops close and businesses relocate,
the town grows only in the number of idle houses
that have no prospect of new vitality
as their reasons for filling steadily dwindle.

The kids that are left
with little reasons to linger
contrive their own departures
while dreaming of better lives,
where existence is not as glum
and hopes sprout for something else.

– Rob McKinnon

editors note:

At least a hope for rain. – mh clay

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