Outside Boy

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Outside boy living in his chosen realm,
swirling with the madness in his head,
listening to the commanding voices thru the mist
and the music of the demon playing
The Aberration of the Gods of Baal,

skies of distorted angels flying in the dark,
swooping down to gather up the nightly seas
and putting them in their pockets
and playing with them with their hairy fingers,

outside boy building up the rage against the
emissaries of the kindhearted God
that live inside the realm
of the American dream,

gloating in his superiority
as he sits in his self-appointed seat
far above his foes that he
cannot and will not see,
marching in proud submission
to the devil’s drums
in step with his wickedness and desires,

little boy with ripened stature
and pliant convictions
emerging from the devil’s mold,
living in his fabricated home,
comes out to play in obedience
to the devil’s command
as he wreaks havoc upon the masses
and security of the children
and the American dream
of Utopia in the world.

“Little outside boy, stay away from us.”

editors note:

This is the mind behind the hand that grabs the gun. How do we control this? – mh clay

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