Our Crumbling House

by on July 3, 2022 :: 0 comments

Things are getting out of control. The black hole hold these dark souls have upon this Nation is alarmingly disheartening and certainly sickening.

I sit in shock as I watch the headlines crawl by. Sound bites I’d expect on a cheap MTV2 reality show come flowing from the pork chop jowls of the fat cats appointed to destroy these Divided States. To think that these ignorant, arrogant sociopaths are the one calling the shots for this Country in the midst of so many pots of catastrophe simmering on our collective stove tops sickens me. Disheartens me. Breaks me.

I’ve grown disillusioned with my own homeland. The same land I wore the Corps uniform and willingly went to war for. We’re a fucking embarrassment. A regular laughing stock. Open your fucking eyes… before it’s too late. In case you need a reference on what too late looks like, it’s a spitting image of today’s top stories:

Police brutalities
Crumbling icecaps
Dying oceans
Extreme hurricanes
Drinkable water shortages
Allied Genocide
Endangered species
Floating island of garbage
Mass murderer shootings…

This is not a National problem. This is a Global problem. This is not the time to let these fat-cat short-sighted fools and money-grubbing cronies steer us clear into oblivion. This is the time to wake the fuck up, remember what this Country, OUR Country, is all about. But instead we make it an internal tribal war of us vs. them and we are imploding on a global scale.

Each generation thinks it’s the last. Except for the last generation who knows that it is. I gotta hunch it just might be us. Maybe it’s the fatalist in me but it seems all the signposts point thataway. Maybe I’m being a pessimist although I think I’m more of a realist. Maybe I’m just a paranoid GenXer who was born with the fear of nuclear nightmares. Or maybe I’m just right but hoping I’m just wrong.

I read the news today. Oh boy. I’m not surprised any longer by the shit show this country has turned into. I try to stay neutral, seeing both sides of the proverbial politics coin. But in this polarized land, it’s hard to stay in the gray middle. I really try but I’m finding myself picking a side and battling, baffled by those who oppose my own points of view. Too much tribalism happening inside of what was once one tribe has left us divided.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand” I watch in sad awe as we the people quickly begin to crumble and fall.

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