someone tilled me with a Troy-Bilt Super Bronco rototiller

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i can’t eat Alphabet cereal on a soup spoon
because my sugar’s too high
babble becomes speech

i can’t reduce my daddy bulge
because my stomach fat is mega alpha
da is doubled into dada

i can’t erect like a Cargotec crane
because my testosterone is below 300 nanograms per deciliter
cat dog pig multiplied into 2 syllables to caca doodoo porky

i can read my writing with glasses
because reading comes before writing
writing comes before reading

i can divide numbers & write letters
because numbers come before letters
letters come before numbers

i can inhale plants & exhale to plants
because oxygen comes from carbon-dioxide
the chemical periodic table joins letters and number

i can’t beat anymore
because birth becomes death
my EKG is the sound of tinnitus silence

editors note:

We come out, beat forth, are turned under. – mh clay

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