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Melhor o diabo conhecido que o diabo desconhecido.
– Portuguese Proverb

As a supersonic satellite that took him
soaring into bedsits stinking the sun from an Algarve vista,
as a weekend sedated in these Sundays we get, when we leave home to learn how sneaky rain
can be, to follow us like a fox that follows moonlight,
as a man not known for reason or self, or being, as that rain
equally shapeless and trance-like soaring over that Algarve blotch some of them called sunlight,
others called groovy and mystical – but no-one thought calling a medic might help.
All these variables could hardly be expected.
And so it was
Unexpectedly –
A page 8 adjective that limits damage a dragon chase can do –
to a pride of lions, known in discreet
Sunday chatter – hoarding page 12 –
as this mudslide unexpectedly coursed through him,
our dear little boy, his dear l’il patch of mud, bitter to a touch,
sinking him deep in death, this fox eager to tame its dear old moon.
These variables – all expectedly so.

editors note:

When it comes to the devil you know, it takes a medic to manage expectations. – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    This poem reminds me of honeymooning out west and experiencing two earthquakes and being shook up (pardon the pun)!. The locals encouraged us to disregard the possibilities of aftershocks and drive to the Dodger’s game anyway. We did not. Of course, this poem shares more and much more poetically, and I spent some time with it.

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