All the flowers that I saw had once danced.

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If you could remember how I had told you that my father’s name danced, it danced to every whirlwind that blew it for what he never wished to become or prayed for. Each evening in the field where my father had once taken me to see the beauties within the flowers that he had planted before my birth. Each of these flowers never ceased to flap their beautiful leaves and their petals romped at seeing us; their owner and the Son visiting them in time and out of time. This was an orchard of beauty where dwells serenity and equanimity which had been planted away from the chaos of the world to return to it daily and to sit therein and reflect on what blessedness life on earth had been to him.

– Rememberajc

editors note:

A garden greeting, a memorial dance in the wind. – mh clay

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