Sugar Bliss

by April 4, 2022 0 comments

Sugar Bliss, taste of heaven,
heaven embodied,
magnetic pleasure,
taste buds enchanted,
love ballad in the air,
sensual fingers soothing,
reaching through the skin
and feathering the nerves,
bringing heaven into being,

aromatic pleasure,
gardens inundated with roses,
jasmine in bloom,
reaching into the enchanted senses,
calming seas, crimson sunsets
that penetrate through the eyes,
travel down the spine
and encircle the heart
with rose-scented wreaths,

sweetness in the air,
sugar in the wind,
gardens in bloom, taste bud bliss,
heaven on earth,
sweet, sweet pleasure m-m-

editors note:

Exactly what we got from a bowl of Cheerios and a liberal sprinkling with a spoon. M-m-m-m-m… – mh clay

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