M(ind) or F(___[ed])

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What does one’s gender matter?
Am I solely identified by the parts displayed outside…?
What about the feelings, emotions, and chemical oceans I carry inside?
Why must I confine myself to a tiny mental box
Marked by a single letter?
M(ind) [ ] Or
F(___[ed]) [ ] Can’t I just be, despite my visual(ity)?
Can’t I just allow my sexuality…
The cunning sleekness of a mischievous red fox
And give it room to roam,
And even neglect…
Reject… The label “unknown”?
Why must I restrict my sexual expansion
(To the prowess of limited dimension)
With the single marking of a letter?

– Marie D. Moldovan

editors note:

What matters this letter, left unchecked? – mh clay

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