It’s time to close my eyes

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I see enough!
The light!
The progress!
The growth.

One day
When I was
Sitting by the hermitage
Alone and isolated.
While delusions of the world
Were chasing a mirage.
Where does it lead?
A question within!
Question ask.

Did we understand!
What is peace after all?
Humans are running for it!
Even in luxury, in comfort!
Of material ease.
I know everything
has to die, decay
And decompose.

I see them
Holding heads of
Anxiety, anger, and stress.
Ah! Still, when?
Humans will realize,
the knowledge of:

It’s getting dark now!
Far out from the civilization
I smell the aura: the twilight.
And to get immersed within,
Magical rays
Of consciousness.

Breathing deep,
Along with
My folded feet,
There I sit.
Profound soul to purify.
It’s time to close my eyes.
holding self
In silence.

editors note:

Eyes open or closed; seeking peace, ever seeking… – mh clay

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