The new type of puppets

by March 31, 2022 0 comments

Let’s live in someone else’s skin
Let’s deal with other problems
Different level of stress, maybe
Maybe a more relaxed person
Who freed herself from the anxiety claws

Let’s pretend we are kind and compassionate
And the other person’s dreams make sense to us too
For two thousand years, you didn’t grasp the meaning to
Love thy neighbour as you love thyself
The recipe to happiness
You are resilient in your stubbornness
Keep ignoring the other person
Keep spiraling in your hatred
Keep destroying your surroundings

Of course, you trim your front lawn
You wash your car
Your nails are nicely buffed
Behind the posh appearances
A rotten apple lays though
Your bathroom cabinet is witness
All that glimmer, all those plastic smiles are medically induced

So you don’t really respect the temple, your temple
So no chance to respect anyone else
My words here are spilled into the wind
We don’t need robots then
Just well adjust chemical puppets
Following a dream they were told they need to follow

editors note:

Love thy doctor as prescribed. – mh clay

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