Let’s be strangers again

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Let’s be strangers again
on this doomed day when
your eyes have no trace
of passion.
Let’s be strangers again
and walk together but not
match our steps.
Let’s be strangers in an
ocean of people and go
our own ways. Let not our
verses rhyme, let not our
eyes meet, and let not our
fingers touch again, let’s
be strangers again.
Let all the familiar things
become bizarre again,
let new memories enfeeble
the old ones, let the
thousand pictures go to
trash and a new diary
begin again. Let’s just be
strangers again.
But the air is filled with
mysteries of past and an
ageless question lurks in my
mind, “Am I good enough?”
So, before I begin the new
chapter of my life, let me
be myself again. Let me
learn to like the broken
pieces of my life again.
Let me love again before
we become strangers again.

– Mitra Samal

editors note:

To be a stranger to self is the worst estrangement. – mh clay

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