fifth-day and sixth-day collisions

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a black & orange oscar chases an orange & black goldfish
one-minute ago 6-goldfish released from a plastic bag
u serve fish that eat other fish
u won’t serve sharks that eat other humans
oscar has an orange fish tail mouth half-in half-out
head-first tail-first both swim to the stomach
the holy-net is green between ur index & middle finger
the net wave catches a pelvic fin
ur pinky & thumb drop an anal fin in ur palm
oscar pulls another quarter centimeter goldfish pharynx down
head-first head-last both swim to the stomach
u & Oscy swallow goldfish lips that entered caudal fin first
tail-first tail-last both swim to the stomach
ur thumb stroking Oscy’s dorsal fin
Oscy soft-rayed-fins u & anus excretes

editors note:

It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there! – mh clay

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