The order of the universe

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You did!
You did ignore
My love!

I have cried
In the dry glacier bed,
You know!
I have cried in the moraine
Of the avalanche,
You know!

I forgot,
To bloom in time.
What is spring?
What is winter? I forgot.
When does it snow and when to rain?
You made me so mad.
That’s why I pass over:
My routine!

Where are your ears?
My love!
Your disrespect to my devotion
Calling havoc, my love!
You betrayed me: to hold dear!
And still, you do not realize:
Stumbling every day
Unaware of my value.

You know!
I am parched, I am thirsty
And fissured too.
Unaddressed hunger
Cried through!
Wishing even to relinquish
I could not.

I am sorry!
You could not avail
My warm embrace.
My throat is dry
This whooping cough! Ah!
Give me some water,
I may quench my thirst.
But do not blame me
Many of my red light
You ignore them.

I am not sure
How long will it last?
Craving for your care.
And to persuade you,
Warning through
My anger!

You are spoiled
Incredibly, oh human!
You have forgotten
To feel the sense
Of my flair.

Listen, please!
I am nature.
The order of
The universe.

editors note:

Our jilted lover gives us a good talking to. Listening? – mh clay

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