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Created by a schemer to enhance attraction
A being bopping through grace
Peeling a banana
From the inside
There was no scent of wildflowers

And the breeze catches the tall grass
Her continuing movement a flow of desire
In syncopation with our own
The precipitation of questions
Growing from universal need
To explore alternative techniques
Through the mayhem of options
And the unadulterated discovery of sin

The technique of tragedy
Has stuck its frozen fingers
Into my pubic netherworld
I didn’t consider downloading
A brochure for this

There will be no blasphemers
No offenses against the lord
No probes in the boudoir
We have retired
Into the abyss of normalcy

You are reminded
Of a diagram for the foxtrot
A rose by any other name
Is a sexual pervert
It is not the birth of no
But the conception of no
My moment of freedom of choice
Within the penitentiary

– Guilio Magrini

editors note:

The cheapest indulgence is the one we give ourselves. – mh clay

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