Space Theories

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There’s no need that I tell you what caused the collision, it’s the Big Bang theory that keeps us writhing and living

We’ve been for so long the envy of gods, so drenched in our mortal electrifying blood

The wheels are spinning and
a karmic force comes along in waves and vibrates like a dervish in trance

We are now kaleidoscopic pictures
that are floating in space

Our souls may be doomed, our bodies may end up in some well
or in the bed of an ocean that knows all about sailors and shipwrecks

But when two minds get glued together
there’s no room left for cracks

We’re bound to become fancied history or a timeless bone
thrown to the dog of disgrace

– Mihaela Melnic

editors note:

Bone or bliss; our history is hit or miss. – mh clay

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