Missile Gala

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Missile gala, night sky glitter,
spectral magic, restless clouds,
floating nervous feet,
carnival grounds in the
sorcerer’s night,
blackened ferris wheels,
angry cannons affixed,
sparkling missiles firing,
jagged lines of fire strewing,
beauty of the nighttime sky,
aerial galleries boasting
of strength, artistry, power,

carnival of the Thunder Gods,
demonic pleasure, angelic horror,
domination of the sacred sky,
ruthless beauty on display,
nature and the guts of nature,
the inside looking out,
of power wandering from its cave,
setting its sights on the land below,
laughing at the tranquil seas,
firing its beautiful missiles at will,
lighting up the sky,

oh beauty of the mystic night,
gala of visual delight,
of power unleashed,
of nature impassioned,
of passion embodied,
and beauty running in the wild.

editors note:

Zeus is such a show-off! (We congratulate Robert on the release of his new collection, The Air Almighty. You can get your copy of it here.) – mh clay

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