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My biased eyes marveled upon my own creation,
the moonlight illuminating her perfectly flawless skin,
glowing, pale and bright as the moon itself,
perfect and iridescent.

Her eyes a canvas of blue skies and birds in flight,
as she searches the night sky but is
lost in imperfect thought and wonder,
impatiently waiting to feel whole.

Her lack of confidence seems unnatural
in a place of beauty, for a girl of beauty,
I with an eye of bias revel in her perfection,
her only imperfection, blindness to my sight

She shines bright in my dark night,
illuminates the dark passage of my time.
She shines bright through every phase,
but only my biased eyes can see.

– Mandy Gilsenan

editors note:

Accolades for offspring, while saving some for self. – mh clay

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