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Watch out wen Eros
dat winged god

fills you wit desire.

Da feeling will be
so zonky

dat it will turn you
into wun monkey

wit bananas on da brain

Dats wat makes da world
smile or frown

as it spins fastah
den wun merry-go-round.

And look

da horses
have come to life too

to run even fastah.

On one steed

da mustang spirit
wants to buck

wun sudden ridah
dats holding on

to unseen reigns
in one hand

and wun plantain
in da adah.

In dis horse dash
witout wun jockey

tings can get
really interesting.

Wat does dat mean?

It means watevah
you tink it means.

Tossed onto
wun dirt road

wun dismounted chimp

is tinking about
all of dat right now.

editors note:

Thinkin’ on dis when slippin’ on dat to hold on to da adah. – mh clay

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