Will kiss you, tomorrow again

by on December 4, 2021 :: 2 comments

Would spend,
Hours staring!
To that adolescent,
Each moment.

What do I do?
With this treacherous time.
Neither keeps your luster forever,
Neither you can stop it,
From fading.

That vanishing cream of:
Auroral red!
Smearing on the eastern lips,
You born.
Among the hurry and haste
Of this selfish world.
Am I not involved too?

So, am I!
To appreciate you,
While walking.
That redness, that colour
Letting graze on the cultivated
Romantic sky.

You arrive!
Oh! Dawn: the daybreak.
And within seconds
You are gone again, Oh! Dawn.
Forgive me, please!
I did not have any time today,
To spend more and
To describe your beauty.

Keep going
To do your duty.
I will do mine, forbearing life.
Work is our worship: The Karma.
The servant of action.
Our destiny of each other is,
Written within this:
Circle of duty.

Do not get angry
Oh! Dawn.
I was in haste today
Will kiss you,
Tomorrow again.

editors note:

Hem says, “Inspired by the daybreak aura or dawn that was red. I wanted to see it more…” – mh clay

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  1. mariechiggins@verizon.net'

    Terrific and successively more revealing verses lead the reader to understand the subject matter. At first words, such as vanishing cream, I thought it was about loving an aging woman, but then again, the source of light is aging also, isn’t it? Thank you fir submitting your poem from across the world and to MadSwirl for being dutiful to it.

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