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Playing these time games with the rocking ’round the clock mocking us,
a reminder of our collective fate as we hurtle towards the final gate
not knowing what awaits when this time game finally catches up with


Praying these time games with the falling of the seasons will find
reasons to these rhymes and riddles in this cosmic song, singing in
the fallen leaves believing this dream scene in this time game will
never end.


Delaying these time games down the long winding road, driving towards
the horizon finding the highway lines blurring by us till we realize
the end of the line will get here soon and the brakes, well they just
ain’t working.


Obeying these time games with the year change believing the flipping
of the digits will bring much-needed evolution, revolutionary
solutions to make this year better than the last, hiding the shadows
that it casts.


This game don’t stop.


Around the clock.


Time is up.


editors note:

We can pray to play, but no delay, we will obey. So, let’s be happy, anyway. – mh clay

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