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I was stoned before it even began this particular Friday night,
Another lost to reading the word and thinking about the state
Of this life. Smoking all the way throughout this blessed day
Away from the place of work I got waylaid and upon hitting
The street, sparked another but instantly felt bored. The scene
Is how it so often is these days, virtually no one out despite
The hour now being nearly 9, but my thirst drives me on
Down the street to that tavern where I’ll spend some more of
My hard-earned cash.

As soon as I arrive I know it’s going to be nothing but a loser
Of a night; a gang of cool 20-somethings loiter outside, wearing
Shades, cool clothes, sipping their drinks. I wander on past
And get to the corner, turn and head straight for the back door.
There I find blessed relief as I push the door open and barely
No one is here. I sit at the bar and call someone over; I order
A beer and large bourbon and sit back, happy to be out and not
In the prying eye. The rest of the night passes with me just

Same again
Same again
Same again…

editors note:

Approach a new night looking for the same again… – mh clay

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