My Plumbing

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Standing there today, as always watching
I got to thinking about all the other plumbers
Who passed through here. Installing this
Unclogging that, here a leak, there a leak
Plunging, snaking – whole generations of
Them traipsing through the house, fixing
Plumbing, a little bit of everything. I have
Watched new toilets go in, sinks, pipes on
Their way in, on the way out, bathroom,
Kitchen, laundry room and more, sump
Pump and drains. It’s like the memories
Start piling on when today’s guy goes on
To ask about the set tub with its three
Different pipes – three generations of them
Now the fourth, standing right there, wrench
In hand, asking questions I never could answer.
I learned early that if I paused long enough
They came up with an answer and continued
On with me still looking on. Maybe I should call
It the house’s circulatory system leading fluid
Through these traps and elbows, or the digestive
System, filling, emptying. It’s here, was here before
Me, has followed me through the years, and will
Probably be here when I’m gone, so I’m standing
There watching plumbers plumb the depths of what
Can go wrong with the things we own.

editors note:

A (wrenching) metaphorical fun-fest. How’s your plumbing? – mh clay

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