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It was a story which was told as ā€“
I was an emesis
I was vomited by my mother,
Out of her womb and she died
A tincture of pila paathar (yellow stone) and safed patthar (white stone)-
ambre jaune. She said like a stone
sits in meditation, you must sit still. I asked her,
where do these yellow and white stones come from?
And she said, they are formed.
By sitting still, just like her.
I asked her would she also become
this coloured transparent stone
and she said she was in the process of.
If she sat long enough, she would either be the stone or the ant inside the stone, the amber.
She said she would most definitely be amber.

If mother was etched in marble, father died in a Beryl quarry
And grandmother is supposed to be amber
What would I be?
Grandmother whispered,
Float and you shall be Ambergris

– Shalini Singh

editors note:

We question our origins and our ends when all are in the “process of.” – mh clay

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