​Out to Pasture

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a crooked villanelle after Roy Clark on The Muppet Show

Brighter and brighter, red barn on rock burned.
Dog raised hell hawing at the weather vane.
What happened? Like Dad. Daughters never learned.

Farmer was inherently proud he earned
crop, stock, and girls to raise up in his reign.
Cigar too tragic, warning on rock burned

stable as his marooned moon saddles yearned.
In red state, his possessions grew like stain.
What happened?
 Spot stops. Trope girls never learned.

He teased strings of second fiddles spurned.
His bible belt dealt strikes with disdain.
Devil liar to trail lived there and burned.

One beat the dough while butter was churned.
Smoky flour cloud covered up glass pane.
What happened put up with line farther learned.

Only the cock and mule could have discerned
the result of making his girls refrain
as 50 shades of barn’s bright-red pain burned.
Like what happened, Dad?
 Doubters never learned.

editors note:

A treatise on the farming crisis. – mh clay

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