Zeus Wife #2: Themis Writes From Bankruptcy Court

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Zeus? That Clod really cooked my goose. Six children,
all daughters, and very attractive (yeah they took after “the bomb”
me). Hey, like me, they have big boobs, big dreams, and big

daddy bragging about all his property. What IS a mother to do?
I maxed out Bank Americard on daughter #3’s wedding. AAA
Master went with #5. Chase (now that name is a hoot) is being

utilized for my youngest darling. Between us chickens
that one belongs to the tribe of Sappho. Wouldn’t you know
they want “hers and hers” embroidered on everything?

Almighty Zeus, the tacky statues of them in lip locks, the
doilies with chocolaty mints. I should have my head examined
or in a noose. So I plead, Zeusie pooh, Zeus. My money girdle,

can you set it loose, somewhat? Float me a loan, pretty please.
He glowers, threatens showers, and not bridal. I sidle
up doing the “come hither: begging don’t reign on our parade.”

Instead, he orders a hail storm on the day of Baby Girls’ nuptials.
Yes, over their bed. Just kill me now, right? Baby Mama Drama,
I am not even certain if he’s my legal spouse. Lying-spider.

Eight-timing louse. So here I be, declaring bankruptcy. Pity me?
Just, don’t tell him. It will be easier to make payments
once I refinance. The price tags of true romantics. They’re dear.

Note: Themis was the titan Goddess of divine law. She bore Zeus
six daughters.

– Laurie Byro

editors note:

If only they’d elope. – mh clay

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  1. philbop@warwick.net'

    I love the concept of a swirling mad poet, it reminds me of Mark Strand “Eating Poetry” and I love what the editor said “if only they’d elope.” FUNNY and with prayers, this poem will be part of a chapbook “Zeus’s Wives & Other Goddesses.”

    THANK MADLY SWIRLING with me in dance.

    Laurie Byro

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