The Strategic Air Command Museum

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(The Center of America)

Little white boys and little white girls
From little white towns
Or mid-sized Midwest suburbs
With matching shirts
With matching haircuts
And with blue-green eyes
Shriek and scream their wonder and glee
At the Strategic Air Command museum
That stands in the center of America

Press here to bomb a random Asian nation
Press here to down a MiG
Press here to end all fear and hate forever
Press here to learn how the nuclear triad can prevent future school shootings
And the children of open carry
Smash those buttons with effervescent fury

Giggling in the penis garden outside
Unsheathed and painted grotesquely

Displayed as skyward caricatures of their creators
Seizing attention and affection from playful grade-schoolers
In matching shirts
And matching haircuts
And blue-green eyes
In the center of America

editors note:

Here’s hoping the center is not the heart. – mh clay

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