I Am Nothing

by October 26, 2021 0 comments

but an old man you pass by
without looking you turn
your nose up the smell
no, I haven’t bathed
in three days
what the hell for you
gonna ask me out on a date
my wife she won’t mind
she a handful
of ashes
dead now I forget how
many years I forget her
voice when she whispered
in my ear that stuff I want
to hear that stuff I never hear
no more time for loneliness
time to be far from embraces
says so in the Bible
God, he rubs it in my face
like maybe he cornered the market
on growing old with grace
can I get an amen because
I think I just dug myself
into a grave
no one will ever visit.

– donnarkevic

editors note:

If an elder (or anyone) lives unnoticed, is there any pain to feel? – mh clay

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