False in False

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False in false, false.
False on false, false.
Thus, false, false, and false
Falsities falsified
Little laugh at my sums

Day is day
Night is night
Where day is real
Quite glaring
Night is false
Call a spade; a spade

So, bamboozle me not,
wrecker; with your wry sums
Amidst quizzical glares
That a stone today
Could gather seventy by morrow
With not one push
That day is night
And night is seemingly day
For in all my learnings
I am schooled enough
To be fooled

For to be real
Is not the same as unreal
Where no single proof is handy
Neither does verisimilitude
Or truism beget
Untrue tales told of the gods
Amidst tantrums
Come out like a man
With two balls behind you
And have a handshake
If you can with your foreign lies

Our eyes are not blind
Neither are our ears deaf
It is too early to be drunk with liquor
And this iroko tree; a rare gem
Is far too tall to become short

These gourds of palm wines
Are still fresh like bleeding flesh
To taste soured

Its still morning, feel the dews
Even fools don’t get fooled early
My one kind kinsman
These hearts have long long
Outgrown being trifled with
Bundles of laughter at your

– Madu Chibueze Romanus

editors note:

“Fool me once…” – mh clay

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