I am still cooking

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Don’t know!
What is missing?
In this gastronomy.
I am not satisfied yet
Unable to pin down.
What is lacking?

Dead silence!
The owl is hooting.
Silver rain of vigil moon is:
Illuminating the dark.
Peeping from
The sky.

Oh! I forgot!
It’s the time of poetry.
It’s the time of beauty
To the taste of solitude and
Ornamented spice of words
Am I not wakeful?
Moments of peace,
To adore.

My hunger is immense.
My longing! My craving!
Your immeasurable depth,
Had I the tool to fathom?
I would decipher:
That vague redolence
Of you.

Imagination even
Can not comprehend
Your mystery of:
Miscellaneous beauty.
Will I be able to
Embellish you? Oh! Poetry
Decorated on a platter
To serve.

Spatula pen stirring
On the cauldron paper
Waiting for the taste
To come.
I am still cooking!

editors note:

Awaiting words to stir into the stew. I’m hungry, too. – mh clay

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