Tools of the Prophets

by August 26, 2021 1 comment

They believe they are fighting for freedom.
Patriots ready to lay down their lives
To rescue us from the tyranny of
Things like wearing masks.

They gather around their computer screens
To solve the enigmatic clues of prophecy.

They gather around their television screens
To hear and absorb the prophets’ warnings of the
Doom ahead if they can’t stop the changing tide.

They are certain that their god
Ordained that the white man rule.

They will fight to the death to save us
From the dangers of diversity and
Socialism conspiring to displace them.

They pray for the military coup that will
Take over and return the chosen one
To the White House.

And if they were to succeed, they would learn
What true tyranny is like under fascist rule
And realize they were just tools of the prophets
Whose true purpose was to aid them in their
Escape from freedom.

editors note:

These prophets prophesy for profit; theirs, not yours. – mh clay

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