Rat Solstice

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A viral mist flooded the blood of the human world
and the vascular walls of bodies thinned out.
The senses atrophied and breath drifted
toward its own drowning.
An elongated time settled into the tedium and the fear.

The architecture of alphabets collapsed
dismembered by misinterpretation.
Mental constructions fell apart.
Meanwhile, empty phrases and indentured thoughts
swirled in the electronic winds and cultivated fogs
of perfumed static.
Confused animals howled back.
What wildness is left today
that is not fenced in by grey sheets
of Liquid Crystal Display?

A sour sun was shining when the teargas rained down.
Black batons kept a dark rhythm on rolled and broken bones.
Empty eyes filled with phlegm.
The grateful riots were warmed
by campfires of torched cars.
Few looked up from the flames to admire,
through the fossil smoke,
the forgotten stars.

The End is Near – Always.
Entropy being the last and first perpetual law,
a black hole of devouring chaos
is yawning next to us – Always.
The fortunate are dancing with joyful desperation
and screaming when they sing.

We are not alone in the Universe
but nothing is coming to save us,
the distances are too long
and we are not worth the effort.

– J. Gregory Cisneros

editors note:

With the coming chaos, our only recourse is to arrest the entropy in our minds. – mh clay

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