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I turn on the night as I
Turn out the light as the
Glow of my laptop is all
I need to fill this place with
Light. It shines a light to
Illuminate my ashtray and
The ubiquitous glass from
Which I pour these words
On this, a Friday night
Deep in the heart of the
Most dreaded sequel our
Time has known; Lockdown 2
Is here and the powers that
Be want everyone locked
Away safe in the confines
Of their mortgaged homes.

I sit here, obedient at last,
As I turn the clock back to
Those wasted years of me,
Sat with my wireless on, the
Glass pouring its inspiration
All over this page and the
Smoke that just keeps giving
And giving, pouring itself
Over my wasted mind that
Now can’t wait for half-time.

editors note:

Round 2 Remembering When a Wasted Mind Was Fine Blues. – mh clay

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