Not Rejecting Her

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Britney’s sweet &
sour fog of whiskey
breathe wants prisoners.

Her pierced tongue is
equipped with a
lifetime of lies.

Like saying she
loves me in the
bathroom stall of a bar.

But I push her off
knowing to go further
involves ruin.

A “pseudo junkie”
Justine calls her
which is untrue.

Though methedrine / blotter acid
are her trapdoors
to forget
what she can’t speak of.

Her eyes- two missed exits of rejection
as tears and mascara make
a garish mess of
a face…
she slowly redoes.

Later she returns to our table
where she will find sport
teasing college boys
she’d easily destroy.

Who surround us
as if she were the prey
and not the other way around.

I watch

While the boys move in closer
for like everyone else
not rejecting her
they have no idea
how much
they have
to lose.
And lose they will
their naive college boy smiles
gutted and slashed while
her’s forever lost remains.

– Rp Verlaine

editors note:

Turns lusty Lotharios into losers all. – mh clay

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