Reality Lines

by on June 26, 2021 :: 0 comments

Android reality
pulses through
our lines
of life.
Give news
take news
false news
fake news.
We are
to receive
the noise
of what
we have
discarded into
the entire
space universe.
In a
cosmic way,
we have
reaped what
we’ve sown.
The fowl
have returned
to roost.
Our machines
have sputtered
mundane data
across lightyears
of the
modern era.
The great
age of
where no
one talks,
and worse,
fewer listen.
We have
morphed into
an age
of abeyance.

editors note:

Listening for any voices except our own. (But, if I were them, I wouldn’t talk to us either.) – mh clay

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