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You always laughed at folks who talked about money
and I remember many, like the time we went
for dinner with the composer husband and poet wife

and I was talking with the poet about money,
how we might make some because we had so little
and the composer was whistling part of a symphony

and you took a paperback out of your backpack
and began to recite some of your verse and though
you were known for great fiction stories I knew that

your verse was far better than worse, and then the time
when we were sitting with friends drinking beers
at the back of a narrow rock and roll club and we’d

come to hear friend Leslie’s son play in his new
rock and roll band and one of the songs was made
from a poem of mine on the subject of money

and Jason who was living with Leslie started
talking about being promised ten percent
by referring business to a printer friend of ours

and you laughed saying listen to the music
art’s more valuable than money and yes I thought
you’re right but today would say you’re wrong

editors note:

No, it can’t buy happiness, but groceries are good when you can get ’em. – mh clay

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