Lasting Light

by April 16, 2021 0 comments

When stars come out in dark of night
they simply reappear in sight.
How would they flee the light of day
or to what reaches fly away?

Appearances deceive indeed
we’ve seen exalted truths decreed
like Ptolemy’s dethroned, amen,
by Galileo’s greater ken.

Are ‘black holes’ what they’re said to be
or something else we do not see?
And what preceded that ‘big bang’
assumed as how creation sprang?

Repeatedly it must be faced
that what we know will be replaced
by deeper knowledge, still in flux,
for certainties may miss the crux.

What thought can fathom vast expanse
of universe’s cosmic dance?
Is death the end, or like a sleep?
Oh may a seeking mind we keep

eternal as our queries seem
thus as stargazers dare to dream
and let imagination cry
there must be more than meets the eye!

editors note:

Cry, Imagination, Cry! There must be more… – mh clay

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