Bootleg Therapy

by on April 8, 2021 :: 0 comments

There’s too much
Pressure to take.
I won’t eat, so
I keep losing weight

I sleep way too much
Cuz I won’t get outta bed.
Just wanna spend my life
In this room instead.

Bae says get help. Get
Therapy. Try my luck.
Hit up Google; made a
Call. $75 an hour? Da Fuck?!

That little ole help is
Too high for me to seek.
But this $20 bottle of Evan
Williams should last a week.

That and some lemon
Is all I need.
Bootleg therapy
Yes, indeed.

Bae says “Get up love!
I fixed some eggs.”
I say, “No.”
Bae says “Try the doctor.
They got some meds.”
I say, “So.”

Gotta pay for the visit
Whether or not I’m sick.
And I heard the cheap stuff
I can afford fucks up yo dick.

I got me some juice & gin,
And some Henny Hen Hen
And neither of them has ever
Allowed my nature to bend.

Making Bae and me feel
Good is all I need
Bootleg therapy
Yes, indeed.

Bae packed her bags.
Now she’s gone.
Don’t know why.
I did nothing wrong.

Now I’m left alone to
Deal with my shit
Oh, and by the way, FUCK
KANYE WEST! Yes, I said it.

Money can’t buy happiness
I guess we all got it bad.
But cash will point you to
The direction of why you sad.

Me? Maybe some will
Spot me some weed.
Bootleg Therapy
Yes, indeed.

editors note:

Delivered in a brown paper bag, behind the 7-11 in the dead of night. Feelin’ better already. Yes, indeed! – mh clay

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