An Old Coat

by April 7, 2021 0 comments

Camouflage by words
I walk this corridor
In a mirrored maze
Where fascination threatens to overwhelm me

In exploring this maternal space
I search for definition
Something solid to anchor my being upon
But I find only invented forms

Wearing this tattered coat
My body is a collection of words
Stretched between these edges
I am lashed by alien white spaces
I cry out in anguish
as I plead for resolution

A caged tiger
I pace each line away

I probe these vast spaces
As the dashing second takes me
Outside secure structures
leaving me to struggle with a divided memory
That vibrates to another time

What seemed certain then is now a flow
that carries me towards a certain future
A piece of debris
I am washed up on this rocky shore.

From darkness to darkness
I am a narrow bridge
Strung across an abyss

Dismissing notions of substance
I caress this maternal page
It offers a small reprieve
In this movement towards dusty silence.

Squabbling with broken images
Will always be a futile occupation
An unruffled world can relinquish
Disconnected moments
But all my precious notions
Leave me to slip into darkness.

editors note:

Still, we seek for rescue in our words. – mh clay

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