My wisdom tooth is coming

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It is trivial!
It is temporary!
I am gonna write up
Something today.
I am gonna write up
Something to say.

Early morning,
Welled up thinking.
A thought of bygone
Sieving memories.

A friend said:
“You are missed today.”
And I feel the wind,
Of overflowing joy
There on the way.

Lighter and
Free I felt.
As he learned the values
Of the moments of life.
And I think within:
That would be great
If he could keep
Such feelings forever.

At the same time
Other feelings arise
When human dreams
Drive further,
If you get lost with
Plastic luxury.

Succumbs the spirit,
You will be cheaper then,
Gravity of being
Will pull down.

Few peregrine birds
Passing through
On my return welcome.
As I arrive home
And stop.

His fickle
Childish spirit
Curious to tell.
Opening his jaws.
Father! Father!
You know! it is hurting,
My wisdom tooth
Is coming.

editors note:

Getting us to wise up is like pulling teeth. – mh clay

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