Forgive Me Sister

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Forgive me sister, I’ve done it again
Given in, entirely to my decadence and whims
Airport signs and thin, white, lines, sometimes
I forget what I’m trying to find

Maybe I’ll remember
Come Wintertime

The songbirds native to my city
Do not notice when my feeder is out of seed
The transient, bright and novel migratory breeds
Care even less

The world is still accessible
To those that live on wings
And take no heed of human things
This is not the bird flu

Feathered beasts flew north then south
Then north again, blown about on wind, and Tweets
A virus stalked the streets
Reefer trucks lined up like hotel limousines

Masks and grocery delivery and screening
There is no aviary built for streaming
That downy, wild, unfettered things
Have not soared beyond

When my faded feeder is not met, full, with milo seed
Perhaps my neighbor’s might be
Should breathless death disease winter take me
Songs will still be heard, up in the trees

Forgive me sister, what have I done?
Sniping cigarettes and lusty glances, like a bus stop bum
I set out with nothing like destruction in mind
You wonder what the fuck I’ve done, this time

I’ll probably never know until I find it myself
And I’ve added your love to my souvenir shelf
Perhaps attraction
Perhaps, something else

editors note:

Without repentance, there is no forgiveness… – mh clay

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