Idiots with microphones

by January 30, 2021 0 comments

you scream insults on Twitter
until your fat lungs shrivel and recoil

and beg you to give the topic a rest

long enough for them to gorge themselves
on the October smog

until your voice wears thin on patience, and low
on pure nerve

maybe you hit the mute button
on your inner demons, to tackle theirs

pause all Instagram notifications

just let the world have it
because you’ve had it with the false narratives

give them hell, give them the mouthful they deserve
we’re all idiots anyway

with amplifiers distorting our truth into white noise

might as well say what we think we mean
with half the guts and ambition we think we have

knock ’em dead with our memes
our Google-sponsored fact-checks via Wikipedia

and if we’re silenced, we’re silenced
but not before we go off on a tangent on Facebook

or we rip this elitist talking head a new one

editors note:

It takes real stamina to ride the media merry-go-round. Hold on! – mh clay

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