Visiting Hours!

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We grabbed a cup of coffee
On the way to a hospital visit
Conversation flew
Like smooth stream
Life, its ebbs
And flows
Was it ever an endless river?
I asked
Humming Pink Floyd

We spoke of age filled
With congestions
Life- That dirty
Yet delectable
Ephemeral thing

Once inside
We cheered up patient
Talking of pretty nurses
Quality of food being served
Anything that worked!

We said our farewells
Soon enough
Decided on ‘Subway sandwich’
On the way out

This place
Really has not enough
Eating options
We concluded

And so it went
That keeps
Thoughts of places
Four corners of grieving walls
The air of malaise
Far away!

– Vandana Kumar

editors note:

A hunger a day keeps the malaise away. – mh clay

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