The New Year’s Eve

by on December 31, 2020 :: 0 comments

A very thin demarcation
Between a past version of me
And a full jar of dreams and wishful thinking
Yeah, every year I write lists with what I am about to do or to become
And right in the crisp hours of the next year
I find myself in the same armchair where all the dreams gather into a blanket of inactivity
Why should I act upon my dreams
When they make such beautiful movies in my head
Who needs Netflix when you have your own imagination
Your pockets are empty but you eat tacos on Los Angeles’ beaches
Or, you are under the covers but you watch tennis at the Wimbledon Arena, front row

My New Year’s Eve is magic
I am to review all my unfulfilled dreams
Quite binge-worthy

editors note:

Lives we binge according to the latest series, or the latest series based on the lives we binge. Sweet resolve! – mh clay

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