Smoke Out

by December 18, 2020 0 comments

Dear Neighbor, or should I begin without such hesitation?
For “Moron” might do well if truth be told.

Your fire pit, oh my, is such a thoughtless installation.
One wonders how you came to be so bold.

A little backyard fun is an acceptable tradition.
To gather is the nature of our kind,

but lately, you’ve begun committing errors of emission,
and never care to ask if I would mind.

We’ve had to clear the deck and leave our porch, with all its screening,
since smoke annoys no matter where we are.

So keep yourself in check or fate may soon be intervening
to deposit glowing embers on your car.

editors note:

“Smoke’em if you got’em” does not apply to neighbors. Let’s be considerate, folks. (Phil has a new collection out, Rhymal Therapy. You can get your copy on Amazon. Check it out!) – mh clay

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