Look how I cry my beauty out

by December 6, 2020 0 comments

Look how I cry my beauty out
These pink shades grown over the winter
First in my roots, then in my temples
These pink drops of colour
Elevating themselves like a blast into a flower
Like a fairy into a pirouette
stretching her magic over the streetwalkers
Rising their mood to a higher sky

I am out, I am out
Cries my beauty searching for roots
When fall is slowly fading lights
And leaves are gathering on sidewalks
Like silent tombs
Tombs for my beauty, for my silent winters
Another season of endless slumber
I will rest awhile
My beauty and I will slide across low skies
Reflecting our shapes in every snowflake

editors note:

Though ever so, she sleeps now; awaits the kiss of Spring. – mh clay

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