Dissolved into the dust and vanished

by December 19, 2020 0 comments

Cosmic sound!
Listening in the silence
Of that azure and echoing:
Ethereal sea.
Performing the dance of
Spiritual ecstasy.
Waiting for that
Divine melody.

Put light,
To the ignorant, please!
Knowledge, I want to practice.
A key to wisdom,
To unlock the horizon of:
The mental world.

Silent, I was sitting
Crisscrossed at ease.
Closing my ocular lense,
Invoking to open the third eye.
To explore the unseen,
And to feed my
Spiritual hunger.

Middle of my
Meditative journey,
As soon as I was oscillating
Traveling with aura.
Dancing oread appeared
Disturbing my
Surreal rapture.

The room is dark,
I lost the wind out of my sail.
My subconscious poet awoke,
To record her comeliest: beauty!
Forgetting my meditation,
As I start musing on her
She dissolved
Into the dust
And vanished.

editors note:

Damn! I had it, but by the time I found my pen… – mh clay

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