This Place

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Catch me alive on the mountain’s crest
summer wave of wind over afternoon naps
your dreams blending into my dreams
when cities weren’t dying prisons

It took years to find this hollow tree
small room with knot-hole windows
seeing out
cloud backsides lifting
wondering if they’ll ever touch heaven

But down here
earth centuries
long and hard under man

Woe the wars
we have committed
small and great with the death of the poor

The haters that always crave hatred
they’re coming after me spies of my tribe
jealous with my continuous escaping
finding hideaways
within the last treasures of earth

I tell you and you listen
take a deep breath before I exhale
remember this tick-of-time we have shared

A few birds still singing in the branches
a light rain later tonight
love winning in the heart

Their evil footsteps circling
thinking they’ve caught me
but I’m already whispering in your next dream
dream of escape from
this place.

– Stephen Jarrell Williams

editors note:

So strong, the urge to flee this one to another. So hard, the will to stay… – mh clay

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