Lionizing Any Human is Just Building the Mane

by October 4, 2020 1 comment

I am no architect, when it happens it is hardly expected
and never my doing, but it seems to me that lionizing
any human is just building the mane, creating myths
out of bad breath, lazy burping sciatica…
Foundation stories so unbelievable they must be true,
that is the opinion and the sentiment;
I couldn’t be more gun shy if I knew the trigger man,
“deconstruction” is a messy word these days, everyone building
everyone else and upon everyone else, but maybe a little less
toot on the horn is just what is needed; all this posturing
and not a single back willing to carry the load –
I don’t blame them, I am no longer a mule…
My back is shot and the shooter is riddled with bullets.

editors note:

Horns down, pistols holstered; pull your own weight. – mh clay

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    I really like this one. Great portrait of modern, runaway, self-creating mythology. However, I don’t think you need the gun stuff at all. It’s just 2 lines anyway.

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